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The Sardar Group of Companies is happy to present Taj Residencia, a premium advanced society built to meet your expectations and promote a work-life balance, after the highly regarded luxury living development The Centaurus.

Taj Residencia is another fantastic project that will provide you with the best possible results; it will be your next luxurious residential accommodation in Islamabad. The Taj Residencia is positioned in Islamabad and is meant to provide a high level of luxury living. This project offers a magnificent living surrounded by fresh air, wide-opened spaces, scenic views, lush foliage with a stunning sunset, new world-class attractions, local conveniences, and plenty of family attractions. The Taj Residencia in Islamabad will be your first choice for a magnificent living residence.


The Sardar Group of Companies (SCG) is undeniably proud to be the project’s developer and owner. The Centaurus, a stunning building in Islamabad, is particularly well-known. This organization has a solid reputation in the construction industry for providing a high-end living.

The Sardar Group of Companies is an Iraqi company that specializes in the automobile industry, including car sales and rentals. They then agreed to collaborate on The Centaurus Mall, one of Pakistan’s most famous infrastructural projects. The business revealed plans to engage in Taj Residencia, a residential development, due to its success.

Sardar Group of Companies (SCG)

The Sardar Group of Companies is developing the Taj Residencia project. This is a real estate development firm that pioneered, designed, and constructed Pakistan’s luxury residential market. The Team presented an unrivaled world standard to Pakistan in 2013, significantly better than at any earlier time in the country’s history. This happened during the design, building, and delivery of “The Centaurus,” their state-of-the-art super enterprise.

Furthermore, The Sardar Group of Companies is a distinction in Pakistan for supplying and managing luxury living, creating the most peaceful communal environments and a style of life to match. Our exclusive estate delivers a concierge way of living geared to meet all of our inhabitants’ needs in complement to high-end features and amenities. The Sardar Group of Companies manages all project processes from start to finish to guarantee that our world-class standards are maintained.

The Vision of Taj Residencia

When the vision for “The Centaurus Mall and Centaurus Residencia” was unveiled many years ago, it received far more success and acclaim than envisaged. Today, it’s a fantasy that’s much better than what the developers had envisioned.

Their unwavering commitment and never-ending struggle to separate from the rest have paved the way for them to flourish in the future. Taj Residencia is an excellent fantasy come true, and the builders aim to make it superior to any other project they’ve ever worked on.

The Mission of Taj Residencia

The chance to give something to society is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a business, and what more innovative way to do so than by building for your neighborhood. Overcoming enormous hurdles in developing and providing some of the most sophisticated technological, social, and high-investment buildings has allowed us to specialize in our industry as a corporate real estate developer and investor.

We build with a goal that exceeds our customers’ expectations, which is why they rely on us not just to keep them pleasant and secure but also to help them expand their investment. Nothing has been more fulfilling for us than seeing our hard work pay off in the form of families feeling safe, enjoying the services and amenities given, and enjoying the housing spaces we have created for them.

NOC & Permission

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), responsible for the project’s legislation and geographic location, has approved the Taj Residencia Developing Gated Community.


  • Taj Residencia’s Inception:

Roughly four of the eleven portions are currently in progress. The formed blocks’ names are A, B, C, and D. Within a year; people are expected to move into the built-up areas. To set a positive trend for prospective and upcoming project developers, the organization must expedite the project implementation as rapidly as feasible.

  • A Luxurious Residence:

Taj Residencia offers a modern lifestyle, complete with world-class amenities, in exchange for your hard-earned money. As a result, joining our residential society would be highly advantageous to you. Their primary goal is to give you with a pleasant place to return to at the end of the day.

  • Proximity of Important Regions:

To begin with, the Taj Residencia has all of the necessary places to be, such as hospitals, educational institutions, retail arcades, banks, and many more. It easily connects Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Besides that, the airports are in a good location.

  • Uninterrupted Utilities:

The lodging society can supply residents with electricity, water, and power non-stop. That said, it’s clear how much simpler life can be when you don’t have to worry about ironing your clothes or turning on the air conditioning until the electricity goes off.

  • Well-Ordered Map and Development Plan:

The Taj Residencia’s architecture was thoroughly created by the best venture planners. It’s amazing how vast the streets will be, with bike lanes and commuter lanes divided from the main ones, how beautiful the center gardens will be, how beautifully crafted the landmarks will be, and how sophisticated the hospitals will be.

  • Instant Ownership after Down Payment:

After a down payment, plots are available for immediate possession. As a result, everyone will enjoy the Taj Residencia Installment Plan. As a result, you may begin construction on your home when you want and relocate in whenever you want. Since there is no long wait for buyers, the sites have been reserved overnight.

  • Scope of Expansion:

While the concept was initially confined to Phase 1, work on the privately owned land for Phase 2 has begun. This brings up the possibility of new business opportunities and acquisitions. Investors are already planning ahead of time for it, & you can join them.

  • Appropriate for Pakistanis living abroad:

Foreign Pakistanis desire to invest their money in a world-class Residential community that meets their high living standards. As a direct consequence, Taj Residencia will be optimal for them since it recognizes all of their considerations, such as stabilization, serenity, and luxurious lifestyle, as well as world-class amenities. As a direct consequence, Taj Residencia will be optimal for them since it recognizes all of their considerations, such as stabilization, serenity, and luxurious lifestyle, as well as world-class amenities. Consequently, when it gets to the last corner, the Taj Residencia will be unmatched and superior to the competition.


  • Longer Development Time:

It is envisaged that the housing society’s intricacies and originality will take some time to realize fully.

  • Expensive in comparison:

The Taj Residencia will end up being considerably more costly than the alternatives on the market, owing to the extremely high level of wealth they are attempting to attract. Since some consumers believe that the sky is the pinnacle of perfection, this is a debatable statement.

Why invest in Taj Residencia?

Taj Residencia is a densely inhabited neighborhood. Its residents are promised a good standard of living, hospitality, and a secure environment. In addition, the society is conveniently located between CDA sections I-14 and I-15 and the Link Road, allowing Islamabad widely accessible. The built-up areas are in fierce competition, with most of the units already rented. Plots are also requested for instant ownership following the down payment! It means you’ll be able to start working on your house straight immediately.

Besides that, Taj Residencia offers you the chance to live in luxury—your ideal house! Along with all the newest amenities and a terrific location. Medical clinics, academies, institutions, shopping centers, Carrefour, and many other facilities are all available. In an emergency, clinics and airports are given extra consideration so that a Taj inhabitant can reach there in far less than five or ten minutes. Water, power, and other essential utilities are all operating, with no major outages.

Our employees are more focused on providing cutting-edge technology and research & development. They’re used to create environments that help individuals and businesses thrive. This project features a distinctive blend of modern groundwork that is naturally supplemented by Islamabad’s lovely backdrop.

  • Opulent residence

Taj Residencia has gorgeous homes and everything you’ve ever wanted. The dream villa’s classic modern layout and also plots will enhance your way of life. Taj Residencia was created for you, and it will introduce you to a location where you may find superior housing lodging. As a result, engaging in Taj will give you that chance.

  • Possession on Down payment

After three years, plots are offered for possession. As a result, you can begin construction as soon as possible and relocate to the house. The ability to arrange anything in your home is so unique that you will not be sorry for this purpose alone.

  • Construction Plan & Organized Map:

The state-of-the-art facility has been meticulously planned. You’ll be able to stroll to anything essential to you, keeping your lifestyle healthy and convenient—hospitals, parks, educational institutions, businesses, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other places. According to reviews, Taj Residencia People are willing to buy houses where such eventualities are actively organized, keeping lives condensed and more accessible.

  • Hospital and Airport Proximity:

All essential facilities required in an emergency, such as a hospital or an airport terminal for departures and arrivals, are within 5 and 10 minutes of the housing scheme, depending.

  • Uninterrupted Supply of Utilities

All essential utilities, such as water, power, gas, and other resources, are operational with no major outages. Residents would enjoy the privacy of living in a remote location with all of life’s conveniences.

  • Expansion Prospects:

The project began in Phase 1, but the community has now moved on to Phase 2, for which property has already been set aside. As a result, you’ll have additional alternatives for finding the plots you need. The neighborhood is expected to continue to develop, providing better chances in the future.

  • Unique Features of Taj Residencia

This secure master-planned residential community project with comfortable facilities encourages commercial opportunities with eye-catching Residential options, safari parks, conventional hubs, Playgrounds, Royal Clubhouses, Botanic Garden, Basic Hospitals, Centaurus mall 2, Grand Jamiah Masjid for religious practices, Schools and Colleges for Quality Educare.

  • Possibilities at Taj Residencia

Apart from that, Taj Residencia provides a beautiful Residencial opportunity—your ideal home! With all of the contemporary conveniences and a fantastic location. Furthermore, the Taj’s road map is designed in such a way that you’ll be able to get whatever you need within a few kilometers of your stroll. Medical centers, schools, universities, shopping malls, Carrefour, and plenty more are all offered. Hospitals and airports are provided extra attention so that a Taj Residencia can arrive in five to ten minutes in the event of an emergency. All essential utilities, such as water, power, gas, and other resources, are operational with no major outages. In addition, the Taj housing society’s expansion prospects are highly optimistic, as the builders continue to create phase 2 after phase 1 is completed.

Taj residency Reviews

The sluggish pace of progress can sometimes be a detriment to Taj Residencia Reviews. Taj Residencia is a highly regarded luxury housing complex with a state-of-the-art commercial hub that is thought to be of worldwide caliber. This project includes Centaurus Mall – II and a variety of additional unusual and surprising amenities. This gigantic project, which is being built in Islamabad, also consists of a Royal Club and Theme Parks.

Taj Residencia is indeed the spot to be if you’re looking for luxury residential living. The comfort of being close to multiple essential hubs and built-in systems makes it less disorienting and more appealing.