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The Sardar Group of Companies is constructing the Taj Residencia in Islamabad. Nevertheless, this real estate developer originated, planned, and built Pakistan's premium residential development market. In 2013, the Group presented Pakistan with a world-class performance far superior to any previous version in the country's history. It occurred during the development, construction, and delivery of their cutting-edge super-enterprise, "The Centaurus Mall", in Islamabad.

Moreover, establishing the most tranquil places and a lifestyle is difficult to match. Significantly, we oversee the entirety of project procedures. Therefore, it ensures the upkeep of our way of comparison. In addition, our company Sardar Group of Companies, has renowned in Pakistan for providing and overseeing a luxurious lifestyle.


Our mission is to increase our clients' investments. Nothing has given us greater satisfaction than to see our Clients and their family members feel safe and content with the amenities and services we have offered. We take pleasure in finishing projects on time without compromising quality. Therefore, our highly trained designers have created our initiatives to strict specifications and follow international standards.

Our Mission

Furthermore, we seek to be at the forefront of our industry in all initiatives by offering first-rate living environments and successful commercial spaces with impeccable design. Even though our objective is to provide only luxury services to our esteemed clients, our staff of experts is always imaginative and successful.


Our standpoint is that the present is superior to the past. The day after tomorrow will be much more favourable. Our customers' luxury dreams might come true at the Taj Residencia. Our goal is to make it better than anything that has come before it. The company's vision is to offer customers the most cutting-edge solutions and reasonably priced building services possible. Because of our forward-thinking practices and advanced procedures, Sardar Group of Companies has high aspirations of becoming the future residential building industry's go-to company.

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