Taj Residencia Features

Taj Residencia’s high degree of exquisite amenities is unmatched in the country. The residents of Islamabad benefit from this housing community. All of the constructions benefit from the devotion and dedication of the acknowledged engineers. Engineering teams strive every day to guarantee that their promises are kept. It’s intended to provide a pleasant and luxurious lifestyle for everyone in the family. Some of the things that the initiative has to offer are as follows:

District of Health Care

The most prominent aspect of the region is its modern health center that will have more than enough beds and be outfitted with all of the latest technology and amenities and skilled employees to handle the medical equipment. Taj Residencia Islamabad provides top-notch medical amenities to its residents.

Athletics district

This block was created especially with inhabitants’ sporting events in mind, as the title suggests. The Taj Residencia’s sports block will include various sports fields and stadiums for numerous games and sports. This structure would serve as a one-stop-shop for tenants. A cricket field, a football arena, a badminton facility, and an indoor sports center are all in the works. A Mini Golf course would also be available to the inhabitants of this neighborhood.

Educational establishments

we will build the project’s academic institute on a large plot of land. The goal is to organise a pleasant environment and cutting-edge technologies for learning. This land package comprises various colleges and educational establishments in addition to schools. The motive is to make it as simple as possible for residents to find their nearest school or institution while maintaining educational efficiency.


The central Jamiah Mosque, a gigantic structural concept, is also part of this effort. Citizens of society will gather in a peaceful and pleasant environment to make five-time supplications. Individuals can quickly fulfill their religious obligations by praying and making other religious commitments. The Mosque’s interior and external architecture are both magnificent, but visitors are provided with all of the necessary conveniences as well as a beautiful space to say their prayers.


This private endeavor is a secured community with all of the necessary high-level security features. It is enclosed by a site boundary that prohibits people from entering or unfavorably quitting the culture. The entire length is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and a specialized security officer team ready to handle any problem or catastrophe. These watches are posted throughout the facility to preserve the decency of the lodging arrangement.


Sidewalks, planned properties, and other critical frameworks are developed with refined skills and cutting-edge technologies to assure ultimate progress. The architects’ & engineers’ contributions to building a sophisticated private neighborhood during the construction stage planned made this feasible.

Continuous Power Supply

Taj Residencia has taken every precaution to guarantee that the occupants of this residential venture are not inconvenienced in any way. Backup power stations have been deployed on-site to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted power supply in the event of a power loss. As a consequence, the extension eliminates the issue of load shedding.

Wiring in the Ground

The builders have preserved the charm of civilization by concealing the power wires and providing vital utilities. As a result, society is good and delightful, instead of the burdensome and disgusting concept of ancient shafts and above hanging cables that the advanced hotel culture emits.


Gas is another essential utility that every individual requires. The neighborhood has efficiently provided a gas system to members’ homes, allowing them to live a luxurious lifestyle replete with all amenities and conveniences.


Beyond a doubt, society’s builders have ensured that its residents would live a prosperous existence in which people will have a solid and close relationship with nature. As a result, outdoor recreational parks have indeed been constructed. In these parks, families and young children will have fun and lead peaceful, healthy life.

Centre for Community Development

The society is pushing a fantastic community club where locals can get together for get-togethers and social activities, which could be a constructive activity in and of itself. It will allow residents to get to know one another, build ties, and develop into a community that will assist others in times of esteem needs.

Smart Waste Management System

A stale waste-collecting plan is ineffective in a lodging society. The society’s waste disposal component handles the project’s vast trash stack. This would be a very efficient structure with high-tech equipment and automobiles.

Filtration Plant for Water

High-end living comforts are required for an extravagant lifestyle. Typically, the planners and organizers have merged the unit with the cleanest form of water supply into the housing society’s water filtration plant’s water filtration procedure.

Centaurus 2

Following the success of Islamabad’s Centaurus Mall, the developers aim to open a second location near Taj Residencia. This would allow residents to shop for both domestic and international brands without having to leave the property.

  • Spacious balconies.
  • There are private parking places available.
  • Air conditioning in communal areas.
  • Surveillance at a high level.
  • Granite throughout the building, including the entryway and communal areas.

Taj Residencia Facilities & Amenities

Taj Residencia offers you the opportunity to live in the lovely home of your dreams. It provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as well as magnificent and elegant fantasy villas and plots. Hospitals are available at Taj Residencia in case of an emergency. There is also an international airport for arrivals & departures from surrounding housing complexes. Water, gas, and electricity are all available at all times on the Taj Residencia map. Together with comfortable living quarters, these exquisite amenities provide you with the ideal opportunity to invest in a parcel of land that you will not repent purchasing.

  • Residential Apartment Towers are a sight to behold.
  • The Eye Park is a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Commercial Hubs of Excellence
  • Playgrounds and Parks
  • Exceptional Family Entertainment at the Royal Club
  • Botanical Gardens and Safari Parks
  • Adjacent International Standard Hospital
  • The Centaurus Mall 2
  • Jamiah mosque
  • Quality Education Schools and Colleges