It’s not uncommon for real estate agents to work in the real estate sector, but it’s by no way the only one. Most high-profile real estate careers entail purchasing and selling residential homes. However, the housing industry contains many jobs that can be done with a license. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a more flexible, more structured, more high-stakes, or lower-stakes employment prospect in real estate. Interested in a career in real estate but don’t have a license? You may not have thought of the following jobs with a property license, but they are all possible. If you’re up for the challenge, these new job paths could be lucrative ones for you.

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Property Managing Broker

Even though “real estate broker” and “real estate agent” are commonly used indiscriminately, they are not the same. A broker is a licensed real estate practitioner who has completed further training and is competent to oversee a property office with many agents. A broker is not the same as an agent. Brokering real estate could be an option to consider if you’ve already decided to become an agent and are curious about the next step in the process.

Commercial Real Estate Officer

When discussing the real estate sector, many people first picture residential agents. On the other hand, commercial growth can be just as gratifying as private housing, if not more so, depending on your personal preferences and strengths. Compared to a domestic agent, the typical day in the life of a business realtor can contain more research. Choosing and securing the right site for your business is one of the most important aspects of commercial real estate. As a matter of fact, locating the ideal location for a new coffee shop can often need acquiring high-quality workspaces. Agents that deal with business often have to focus more on gathering information about the region before completing a deal.

Property Investor

Investing in real estate can be done in two ways: either actively or passively. You might conceive of a “home flipper” as an engaged investor. It is possible that this person would acquire and resell housing properties or assist some investor or builder in purchasing a residence for resale. There are two types of passive investors: those who do not get involved in the day-to-day running of a project and those who do. Investing in real estate crowdfunding is possible even if you don’t have much money to contribute.

Residential Appraiser

To determine a residential property’s value, a real estate appraiser gathers information about the property and analyses it. It’s possible to hire an appraiser for personal purposes, such as determining the worth of your house before it’s transferred, or for the state, such as determining its worth for tax reasons.

Commercial Appraiser

Like a domestic appraiser, a business appraiser works in the workplace and out of it in the neighborhood, just like a domestic appraiser. For commercial appraisal, experienced appraisers are the primary source of instruction, whereas residential appraisers focus more on what they studied in school. Both professions necessitate the acquisition of a license.

Property Manager

An estate manager is a popular career path for those interested in learning more about what they can accomplish with a property license. A property manager’s job is to ensure that property, whether residential or corporate, works efficiently and generates revenue for its owner. Leasing broker and repairman are just two examples of the various hats you might need to don when working with residential real estate.

Leasing Consultant

A leasing advisor’s role is to ensure that the building has renters. You may have to work nights and weekends, but one of the perks of this profession is that you have some leeway in your schedule. To succeed in this position, you’ll need to enjoy marketing and bargaining. To get the message out about promotions or new openings in their facility, leasing advisors often hold sales promotions or keep up with the newest digital marketing best practices, such as social media and email marketing.

Commercial Leasing Manager

A corporate leasing manager is typically allocated to commercial space or retail locations to negotiate agreements or transactions with firms. When it comes to the budgets firms have set aside for their different property requirements, a commercial leasing supervisor may have employment options that call for them to maintain a close eye on market fluctuations.

Foreclosure Specialist

All paperwork and procedures that must be completed when foreclosing on a property will be handled by a repossession expert employed by either the bank or the private lending company. Their job is to look over the client’s financial records and deal with foreclosures rapidly so that the estate can be resold. A foreclosure expert needs to be well-organized and able to meet strict deadlines.

Real Estate Attorney

As a real estate attorney, you’ll be able to continue your education even after you’ve completed your real estate degree. There are a wide variety of fields in which real estate attorneys work. They could represent the interests of tenants or offer advice on a significant real estate transaction.

Job Opportunities in Housing Societies

Housing Societies frequently offer positions for someone to join their staff and administer the property. Office and retail space is a must for big firms. Some companies require an in-house employee to oversee their real estate holdings. If you’re interested in working for a housing society, the following position might be of interest to you:

Jobs in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society 2021

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