Taj Residencia Development Updates

Taj Residencia is Pak Gulf Construction (Pvt.) Ltd’s first residential development, and as a response, there has been a lot of buzz about the endeavor. So far, this initiative has not been underwhelmed. According to Sigma specialists, Taj Residencia has received a NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), which has jurisdiction over the development. The work has been going well, and one of the project’s compelling advantages is that four of the eleven units have been constructed, even though the initiative has yet to be formally launched.

The Taj Residencia project updates for 2021 are discussed here. The society recently announced the developer. They have accomplished some of the construction’s primary objectives at this point. The Taj Residencia is coming along at a breakneck pace. Taj Residencia Islamabad’s owners take possession of 10,000 Kanal of RDA-approved property. They may also purchase additional property in the long term.

They completed a, B, C, and D in four blocks, the expansion procedure while additional blocks are still being constructed. If that wasn’t adequate, you can also take custody of these plots and start building your home with only a 50% down payment.


At this housing estate in Islamabad, the Sardar Group of Companies has made land cuttings in the below sizes. The plots on sale at Taj Residencia are measured in Marla and Kanal and their counterparts.

5 Marla (25 x 50)

8 Marla (30 x 60)

10 Marla (35 x 70)

14 Marla (40 x 80)

1 Kanal (50 x 90)

2 Kanal (75 x 120)

The lodging community has also launched a new 3.5 Marla size.


The A, B, C, and D sectors are rapidly being developed. People are constructing homes and settling in. The project began with only one phase, which consisted of approximately 11 blocks, but it is now concentrating on Phase 2’s allocated territory.

The central boulevard, as well as the streets, have been carpeted by the developers. The tubes have also been placed underground. Finally, they’ve covered them in concrete and asphalt, which are both excellent road materials.

  • Jamiah Mosque

The Jamiah Mosque’s development is now complete. It’s among the residential scheme’s several mosques. The designers understand that the structural concept, material selection, and functional and aesthetic applications all play a role in establishing what it conveys. As a result, they constructed the mosque utilizing a multi-step process that used standard materials, skilled labor, innovative ideas, and socioeconomic and regional factors.

  • Plantation

Planting trees is among the most pleasurable and absolutely friendly actions people can do to help the environment. As a result, Taj Residencia places a high value on maintaining a safe and clean atmosphere. As a consequence, a substantial majority of palm trees & plants have already been established.

Prospects for Investment

We’re all in favor of putting investments into the project. The ultimate source for this is, of course, the rate and extent of development. Construction has been accelerating, and families should be able to live in the completed areas within a year. According to experts, the Taj Residencia developers are eager to complete the project as soon as possible because it will set the standard and preconceptions that individuals will connect with Pak Gulf Construction, and they need to set a decent model as they extend further within this endeavor, and then into other cities in Pakistan.

We advised making a long-term commitment to the endeavor. While short-term investments can give decent results, long-term investments can yield significantly better rewards. Therefore, we proposed the underdeveloped blocks to investors. The preferred choice would be to utilize category plots. As a response, when the values are changed, an additional amount will be included in these prices instantly; however, given the present rate of progress, new blocks may be built soon, meaning that an asking extra could be introduced within a year. This invariably results in a high profit margin.


Taj Residencia offers a lovely living environment. Featuring all of the modern comforts and a terrific location, this is a great place to stay. Moreover, Taj’s road layout is intended to allow you to travel a few kilometers & discover everything you require. There are health care facilities, institutions, colleges, shopping centers, Carrefour, and also more. Medical facilities and airports are provided extra consideration so that a Taj Residencia can reach in five to 10 minutes in the eventuality of an urgent situation. Furthermore, there are no significant disruptions in essential utilities, including water, power, gas, or other services.